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Company Profile

Hee otak otak established in 2016, however we have a lot ofexperience in the manufacturing of frozen fish based product - otak-otak

We specialise in manufacturing of otak-otak with fresh mackerel, natural spices and selected ingredients enable us to produce premium quality of otak-otak. We have our own research and development team for produce a various kind of otak-otak food, such like:
• otak-otak fish fillet, prawn, chicken, cuttlefish
•otak-otak bun(various kind of favorite: original, pandan, pumpkin, charcoal)
•otak-otak popia
•otak-otak Nugget
•otak-otak stick

In the other hand, We have our own Customer survey team to survey the Customer taste to improving our quality and developing new products to achieved Customer appetite.

Our brand name, “hee otak otak” is well known for its customers’ satisfaction,Ongoing Research & Development on refining the recipe as well as innovation of exciting new products is the main interest of the founder.